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The U.S. Access Board’s Technical Assistance phone number is now 202-272-0080 extension 3.

Upcoming Webinars & Trainings

Questions and Answers on the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards

April 06, 2023
02:30 PM - 04:00 PM
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Presenters: | Sarah Presley | Scott Windley |
ABA ADA Building & Sites webinar
This webinar will review and clarify common questions on the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards in new construction and alterations. More specifically, Access Board staff will address misinterpretations and confusion on requirements for accessible showers, curb ramps, elevator exceptions, signs, and assembly seating. Session participants are encouraged to share their own questions in advance of and during the session. There will be open dialogue during the webinar. The following is a sampling of anticipated questions that will be addressed: Can clear floor/ground space or turning space overlap other space requirements? Can tactile characters and visual characters be provided separately on different signs? Do the ADA and ABA Standards permit ramps to be portable after construction as an adaptation? Questions can be submitted in advance of the session or can be posed during the live webinar. This webinar will include video remote interpreting (VRI) and real-time captioning.

Accessibility and Accommodations in the Federal Workplace: Driving Success in Employment and Performance

May 23, 2023
01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
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508 Communication & IT webinar
Would you describe your agency’s accessibility efforts as siloed or wholistic? Which approach is more proactive in creating an inclusive work environment? Section 508 Coordinators, IT Specialists, Reasonable Accommodation Specialists and Disability Program Managers are encouraged to join this webinar to gain the following unique insights: 1. Gain first-person accounts from a senior executive and an accessibility specialist with disabilities on how coordination of their individual needs and systems access helped remove barriers to career advancement. 2. Learn best practices for how key EEO, HR and IT staff may cross collaborate on policies, practices, and direct services to create a more accessible and inclusive workplace for all employees. 3. Obtain accessibility resources and strategies to implement at your agency. Questions can be submitted in advance of the session following the instructions below or can be posed during the live webinar. Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and real-time captioning will be provided.