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The Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) rulemaking has concluded. The PROWAG final rule has been published in the Federal Register. Please visit the Access Board’s PROWAG page for the guidelines.

About the U.S. Access Board

Governing Access Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs (1985 – Present)

The Access Board is structured to function as a coordinating body among federal agencies and to directly represent the public, particularly people with disabilities. Its 25-member Governing Board includes twelve representatives from federal departments and thirteen who are members of the public appointed by the President to four-year terms. Every year the Governing Board elects officers, including a Chair and Vice-Chair. These posts alternate between a public member and a federal member.

Year Chair Vice-Chair
2023-2024 Gregory S. Fehribach Katy Kale (GSA)
2022-2023 Taryn Mackenzie Williams (DOL) Gregory S. Fehribach
2021-2022 Gregory S. Fehribach
2020-2021 Lance Robertson (HHS) Gregory S. Fehribach
2019-2020 Karen Tamley Lance Robertson (HHS)
2018-2019 Lance Robertson (HHS) Karen Tamley
2017-2018 Deborah A. Ryan
2016-2017 Michael Yudin (ED) Regina Blye
2015-2016 Sachin Dev Pavithran Sue Swenson (ED)
2014-2015 Michael Yudin (ED) Sachin Pavithran
2013-2014 Karen L. Braitmayer Susan Brita (GSA)
2012-2013 Susan Brita (GSA) Karen L. Braitmayer
2011-2012 Nancy Starnes Susan Brita (GSA)
2010-2011 Polly Trottenberg (DOT) Nancy Starnes
2009-2010 Douglas Anderson Loretta King (DOJ)
2008-2009 Tracy R. Justesen (ED) John Wyvill
2007-2008 Tricia Mason David L. Bibb (GSA)
2006-2007 David L. Bibb (GSA) J.R. Harding
2005-2006 Jan Tuck David L. Bibb (GSA)
2004-2005 Emil H. Frankel (DOT) Jan Tuck
2003-2004 Jan Tuck Thurman M. Davis (GSA)
2002-2003 Thurman M. Davis, Sr. (GSA) Carl G. Lewis
2001-2002 Pamela Holmes Thurman M. Davis (GSA)
2000-2001 Thurman M. Davis, Sr. (GSA) -0-
1999-2000 June Isaacson Kailes
1998-1999 Thurman M. Davis, Sr. (GSA) June Isaacson Kailes
1997-1998 Patrick D. Cannon Judith E. Heumann (ED)
1996-1997 Judith E. Heumann (ED) S. Craig Kiser
1996-1996 John H. Catlin Judith E. Heumann (ED)
1994-1995 Judith E. Heumann (ED) S. Craig Kiser
1993-1994 -0- -0-
1992-1993 Kathleen K. Parker Jeffrey Shane (DOT)
1991-1992 Gordon H. Mansfield (HUD) Kathleen K. Parker
1990-1991 William H. McCabe Allen B. Clark, Jr. (VA)
1989-1990 Stanley W. Smith (USPS) Howard Adams
1988-1989 William J. Tangye Thomas E. Harvey (VA)
1987-1988 Thomas E. Harvey (VA) William Tangye
1986-1987 Charles R. Hauser Madeline Will (ED)
1985-1986 Charles R. Hauser Madeline Will (ED)

† Due to Presidential transition, no federal members were named.