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Planning and Design for Alterations

PROWAAC Special Report


AASHTO—American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ADA—Americans with Disabilities Act

ADAAG—ADA Accessibility Guidelines

APS—Accessible Pedestrian Signal(s)

APWA—American Public Works Association

CIP—Capital Improvement Program

DOJ/USDOJ—United States Department of Justice

DOT/USDOT—United States Department of Transportation

DWS—Detectable Warning Surfaces

FHWA—Federal Highway Administration

ITE—Institute of Transportation Engineers

MUTCD—Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NCHRP—National Cooperative Highway Research Program

PAR—Pedestrian Access Route

PBIC – Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (, an FHWA grantee/
transportation institute at the University of North Carolina. The PBIC is made up of the core staff of
professionals at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, including engineers and planners who are
knowledgeable on walking and bicycling issues.

PROWAAC—Public Rights-of-Way Access Advisory Committee

PROWAG—Draft Proposed Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines

STIP—State Transportation Improvement Program

STP—Surface Transportation Program

TIP—Transportation Improvement Program

Title II—ADA implementing regulation for title II, as printed in the Federal Register (7/26/91).
The Department of Justice’s regulation implementing Title II, Subtitle A, of the ADA, which prohibits
discrimination on the basis of disability in all services, programs, and activities provided to the public by
State and local governments, except public transportation services (which are covered by Subtitle B, the DOT

Technical Assistance

Contact the Access Board for assistance on these guidelines