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Access Board News

Join the Access Board for a Virtual Celebration of the ADA on July 29

July 13, 2020
Celebrating 30 years of the ADA 1990-2020, Pres. Bush signing the ADA The Access Board will celebrate the ADA’s 30th anniversary with a virtual public meeting on July 29 from 1:30 – 3:00 (ET). The event will feature discussion of the ADA and its achievements with guest speakers and Access Board members. It will start off with a documentary that provides a vivid picture of the world before the ADA, including widespread discrimination of people with disabilities and early achievements of the disability rights movement. This virtual meeting is open to . . .

Board Extends Comment Period for Update of Rail Vehicle Guidelines

May 05, 2020
The Board has extended the comment period another two months to allow additional time for interested parties to submit feedback, as indicated in . . .

Access Board Issues Guidance on Toilet and Bathing Facilities and Drinking Fountains

May 05, 2020
Composite screenshot of first page from three technical bulletins. The Access Board has released technical bulletins on accessibility to restrooms, bathing facilities, and drinking fountains. This material explains specifications for water closets, toilet compartments, showers, bathtubs, and drinking fountains in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards. Each guide clarifies common sources of confusion, answers frequently asked questions, and offers recommendations for best practice. Examples of compliant restrooms and bathing rooms are included to illustrate how various requirements can be met. These bulletins are the latest installment to . . .

Access Board Continues to Provide Services to the Public

April 30, 2020
Like most of the federal workforce, Board staff have been teleworking since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the agency continues to provide its services to the public . . .

Access Board Extends Deadline for Executive Director Vacancy

April 15, 2020
The Access Board, which is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director, has extended the application deadline to May 1, 2020. The vacancy is . . .

Update of Federal Acquisition Regulation Proposed

March 31, 2020
FAR logo - Federal Acquisition Regulation he Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council has proposed an update to its regulations governing federal procurements to . . .

Access Board Cancels Town Hall Meeting and Trainings in Philadelphia

March 17, 2020
The Access Board has cancelled its town hall meeting and trainings in Philadelphia on May 6 to protect public health and help prevent further spread of . . .

Access Board Seeks Technical Writer

March 04, 2020
The Access Board seeks a Technical Writer (GS 12) to serve in its Office of Technical and Information Services. Current or former federal employees who qualify as . . .

Access Board Initiates Update of Accessibility Guidelines for Rail Cars

February 14, 2020
Rail Car The Access Board is initiating rulemaking to update its accessibility guidelines for rail cars covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and seeks public comment on this effort. As indicated in an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking it published today, the Board plans to update provisions in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles that apply to vehicles used in fixed guideway systems, including rapid, light, commuter, and intercity rail. The Board requests information from the public for its use in developing a proposed rule.

Study Initiated on Equipping Passenger Aircraft with Wheelchair Restraint Systems

January 13, 2020
The Access Board is undertaking a study that has the potential to advance access to air travel for passengers who use wheelchairs. As directed by Congress, this project . . .