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The U.S. Access Board’s Technical Assistance phone number is now 202-272-0080 extension 3.

Access Board Staff

Josh Schorr

Accessibility Specialist
Office of Technical and Information Services

Josh Schorr is an Accessibility Specialist working for the U.S. Access Board. Schorr was originally hired as a contractor to create animations to help explain ADA Standards in 2010. He began working directly for the U.S. Access Board in 2016 providing graphic work and layout design for the online and printed Guide to the ADA Accessibility Standards in addition to the animations. In 2019, Schorr began his role as an Accessibility Specialist, providing technical assistance, training on ADA and ABA design standards, and future rulemaking in addition to his work on the guides. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Design from the University of Oregon.