Accessible Sidewalks Video Series


Accessible Sidewalks is a four-part video developed by the Access Board to illustrate access issues and considerations in the design of sidewalks. The series covers access for pedestrians with mobility impairments, including those who use wheelchairs, and pedestrians who are blind or have low vision. Each segment of the series can be accessed through the links below and will play in a new window through Flash software. (Once selected, a segment will play automatically, though this may take time depending on the connection speed. The viewing window can be resized and should be closed before selecting another segment.) All videos are open captioned and incorporate running descriptive audio.

Accessible Sidewalks Video Series (Flash)

video camera iconPart I: Design Issues for Pedestrians who use Wheelchairs (10.00 min.)

video camera iconPart II: Design Issues for Pedestrians with Ambulatory Impairments (7.51 min.)

video camera iconPart III: Design Issues for Pedestrians with Low Vision (11.24 min.)

video camera iconPart IV: Design Issues for Pedestrians who are Blind (11.19 min.)