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September 24, 2018

Agency Shutdown Plan

1. PURPOSE: To outline agency policy guidance and instructions for actions to be taken when Congress fails to enact either regular appropriations, a continuing resolution, or needed supplemental, resulting in an interruption of funds availability. During any such lapse in appropriations:

  • Federal officers may not incur any obligations that cannot lawfully be funded from prior appropriations unless such obligations are otherwise authorized by law.
  • Federal officers may incur obligations as necessary for orderly termination of an agency's functions, but funds may not be disbursed.

2. SCOPE: This plan applies to all agency personnel, including presidentially-appointed private citizens on the Access Board who serve as Special Government Employees (SGEs).

3. POLICY: In order to execute an orderly shutdown in the event of a lapse in appropriations, the following information is provided:

  • Estimated time to complete shutdown: One-half day.
  • Number of agency personnel prior to implementation of plan: 25 (employees); 13 (SGEs)
  • Number of employees retained under plan: 0
  • Executive Director will notify OMB that shutdown procedures have been initiated.
  • Director of Administration will notify building management of shutdown status.
  • Director of Administration will notify all agency personnel of shutdown status and will initiate action to issue furlough notices and other instructions as appropriate.
  • Director of Administration will direct Contracting Officer's Representatives to notify agency contractors of shutdown status and other instructions as appropriate.
  • Chief Technology Officer will ensure servers and other information technology equipment are secured.
  • Agency personnel will be instructed to monitor news outlets regarding the status of the shutdown furlough and the specified day they are expected to return to work (normally the next scheduled workday after the furlough has ended).
  • Should employees have problems returning to work on the specified day, supervisors shall use available flexibilities (including annual leave, compensatory time off, or credit hours), to the extent possible, to accommodate such employees.


  • OMB Circular No. A-11, Section 124.2 (2015)
  • OMB Memo M-13-22, Planning for Agency Operations during a Potential Lapse in Appropriations (and attachments) (September 17, 2013)

5. REVIEW: This Agency Shutdown Plan has been prepared and reviewed by the undersigned. It complies with guidance provided in the reference documents.


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