October 27, 2009

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The Board has upgraded its news distribution services to provide enhanced features and options for email subscribers.  Implemented through GovDelivery, a firm specializing in email subscription services for government entities, the new system offers more choices in receiving news updates on Board initiatives and activities.  In addition to its email newsletter, Access Currents, subscribers can sign-up to receive instant news updates.  Subscription lists also are available for updates specific to Board rulemaking initiatives.  Those interested in the Board's development of a particular guideline or standard can subscribe to a dedicated list to be kept apprised of progress on that rulemaking. Other enhancements include implementation of an RSS feed to syndicate Board news posted online.

The GovDelivery system makes it easier for users to independently update or revise their subscription through a subscriber preferences page.  Existing subscribers will continue to receive the Board's newsletter by email.   Other subscription options, such as email delivery preferences, can be selected through subscriber profile settings.