The 1991 guidelines for buses and vans are contained in subpart B of 36 CFR part 1192 (§§1192.21 to 1192.39) and for over-the-road buses are contained in subpart G of 36 CFR part 1192 (§§1192.151 to 1192.161).

The proposed rule uses a new format and organization that is based on the accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities in 36 CFR part 1191.  The new format sets forth the guidelines for buses, over-the-road buses, and vans in an appendix to 36 CFR part 1192.  The appendix is organized into eight chapters:

  • Chapter T1 contains general information, including definitions.
  • Chapter T2 contains scoping requirements that specify what vehicle features are required to be accessible.
  • Chapters T3 through T8 contain technical requirements that specify how to design the vehicle features so they are accessible.

When the guidelines for transportation vehicles operated in fixed guideway systems are revised and updated in the future, the scoping and technical requirements for those vehicles will be added to Chapters T2 through T8.

Each chapter is arranged logically, and contains numbered sections and sub-sections that address a single subject indicated by the heading or title of the section and subsection. Figures are provided after some sections or subsections to illustrate the requirement in the section or subsection.  Non-mandatory advisory information is inserted in boxes after some sections or subsections and is clearly identified.

Most of the revisions in the proposed rule are editorial only, and restate current requirements in the 1991 guidelines in plain language that is clear and easy to understand.  The side-by-side comparison of the 1991 guidelines and the proposed rule on the Access Board’s website at shows what revisions are editorial only.