Under the ADA, the Department of Transportation (DOT) issues and enforces accessibility standards for transportation vehicles that are based on the Board’s ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) for Transportation Vehicles.  These requirements apply to new or remanufactured vehicles covered by the ADA, including:

  • buses and vans
  • rail cars (rapid, light, commuter, intercity, high-speed, and monorail)
  • automated guideway vehicles
  • trams and similar vehicles

DOT’s current vehicle standards are consistent with the Board’s ADAAG as first published in 1991 and supplemented in 1998 for over-the-road buses.  The Board is in the process of updating the vehicle guidelines and has finalized updates to sections of guidelines covering buses and vans. 

Regulations issued by DOT under the ADA apply these requirements and indicate which vehicles are required to comply.  DOT’s ADA regulations also address transportation service and facilities. 

See:  DOT’s Accessibility Specifications for Transportation Vehicles (49 CFR Part 38)