U.S. Access Board:  Rail Vehicle Access Advisory Committee
Subcommittee on Rooms and Spaces
September, 2014



Scoping:  where restrooms for the public are provided in a car, a restroom meeting the following requirements shall be provided.  A car with no public restroom shall not be required to have an accessible restroom.  Accessible restrooms shall be in close proximity to seating spaces for persons using wheelchairs and mobility aids and shall be connected to those spaces by an accessible on-board circulation path.  In fixed-consist trains where a restroom for the public is not provided in a specific car, an accessible restroom shall be permitted to be provided in an adjacent car provided:  a) required wheelchair spaces in the car without a restroom are located in the end of the car closest to the connection with the car that has an accessible restroom; b) the accessible restroom is as close as practicable to the connection between cars; c) doors along the path are automatic; and d) the floor surface across the transition is “smooth” (see surface requirements in ABA/ADA Guidelines).

Technical Requirements:

Single–level dining car

Sleeping compartment

Scoping:  at least one compartment in each sleeping car shall meet the technical requirements below.

Technical requirements:

Lounge car

Scoping:  single-level lounge cars shall comply with the following technical requirements.  Bi-level lounge cars shall comply on the lower level.  Bi-level lounge cars shall have direct access to station platforms on the lower level.  Where vertical access is provided, accessible seating spaces shall also be provided on the upper level.  Where a bi-level dining car is provided, an accessible bi-level lounge car shall be directly coupled to it.

Technical requirements:

Non-disabled passengers enter car through B end of next car

VIA Rail Accessible sleeper car features

Washroom section

Sleeper section

Photo of man in wheelchair pushing button to open power entrance door.

Fig. 2 Entrance power door

Photo of toilet with grab bars

Fig. 3 Toilet with grab bars

Photo of shower seat with pivoting support arm

Fig. 4 Shower seat with pivoting support arm

Photo of empty wheelchair in open space near bed. 
Fig. 5 60” circle in front of bed Fig.

Photo showing the bed height nearly the same as the wheelchair seating height.

6 Bed height same as wheelchair

Photo of adjustable table near window

Fig. 7 Adjustable table near window

Photo of dual audio and visual alarms. 
Fig. 8 Dual audio and visual alarm