Impacts are measured in comparison to the baseline of industry practice in the absence of PVAG.

1.What is the impact?

  • Are features added to ship that would not otherwise be provided (e.g., visual alarms)?
  • Are features required in greater number than would otherwise be provided (e.g., accessible guest rooms, assistive listening systems)?
  • Do required features reduce space used for other purposes (e.g., wheelchair spaces in assembly areas)?
  • Do required features present design challenges?
  • Other?

2.Is it feasible to estimate a unit cost for the impact?

3.Major impacts:

  • Unit costs exceed certain value
  • Increases total construction cost by certain percent
  • Present difficult or significant design challenges
  • Other?

4.Minor impacts:

  • Minimal cost
  • Can be easily accommodated in vessel design
  • Other?