The following is a summary of the recommended standards, scoping, and technical provisions, provided as an easy reference. Readers are strongly advised to consult the complete text of the standard language and its associated discussion section for a full understanding of the recommended requirements.



Public Sidewalks (X02.1)

Pedestrian access route (X02.1.2)

Clear Width (X02.1.3)

Cross Slope (X02.1.4)

Grade (X02.1.5)

Surfaces (X02.1.6)

Changes in Level (X02.1.7)

Stairs (X02.1.8)

Elevators and Lifts (X02.1.9)

Separation (X02.1.10)

Edge Conditions (X02.1.11)

Handrails (X02.1.12)

Parking structure exit warnings (X02.1.13)

Protruding Objects (X02.2)

Wall-mounted objects (X02.2.2)

Post-mounted objects (X02.2.3)

Reduced vertical clearance (X02.2.4)

Street Fixtures and Furniture (X02.3)

Requirement for accessible street furniture (X02.3.1)

Drinking fountains and water coolers (X02.3.2)

Public telephones (X02.3.3)

Public toilet facilities (X02.3.4)

Fixed tables, counters and benches (X02.3.5)

Bus stop pads and shelters (X02.3.6)

Depositories, vending machines, change machines and trash receptacles (X02.3.7)

Street identification and other pedestrian signage (X02.3.8.1 - X02.3.8.6)

Changeable or variable message signs (X02.3.8.7)

Audible signs (X02.3.8.8)

Sidewalk/Street Transitions (X02.4)

General (X02.4.1)

Placement (X02.4.2)

Directionality (X02.4.3)

Width (X02.4.4)

Landing size (X02.4.5)

Running grade (X02.4.6)

Cross slope and warp (X02.4.7)

Counter slope (X02.4.8)

Edge conditions (X02.4.9)

Surfaces (X02.4.10)

Vertical grade breaks and lips (X02.4.11)

Detectable warnings (X02.4.12)

Vehicular obstructions (X02.4.13)

Curb type (X02.4.14)

Pedestrian Street Crossings (X02.5)

Pedestrian signal push buttons (X02.5.1)

Accessible pedestrian signals (X02.5.2)

Other pedestrian signals and timing controls (X02.5.3)

Crosswalks (X02.5.4)

Crossing times (X02.5.5)

Medians and pedestrian refuge islands (X02.5.6)

Detectable warnings (X02.5.7)

Pedestrian overpasses and underpasses (X02.5.8)

Roundabouts (X02.5.9)

Turn lanes at intersections (X02.5.10)

Vehicular Ways and Facilities (X02.6)

On-street parking (X02.6.1)

Parking meters (X02.6.2)

Passenger loading zones (X02.6.3)

Motorist aid communication systems (X02.6.4)

Overlooks (X02.6.5)

Vertical and horizontal deflection measures (X02.6.6)

Motor vehicle turnouts (X02.6.7)


Alternate Circulation Path (X03.1)

Barricades (X03.2)

Warnings and Signage (X03.3)

Temporary Facilities (X03.4)