Future Rulemaking

After the final accessibility guidelines are issued the Access Board plans to conduct additional rulemaking on outdoor developed areas for facilities constructed or altered with Federal grants or loans that are covered by the Architectural Barriers Act, and for public and private entities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Access Board also plans to address shared-use paths in these future rulemakings.

Regulatory Process Matters

These guidelines have been reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget pursuant to Executive Order 12866.  The Access Board prepared a regulatory assessment for the guidelines.  The regulatory assessment is available on the Access Board’s website.  The guidelines apply to the new construction and alteration of outdoor developed areas by Federal agencies subject to the Architectural Barriers Act.  The guidelines will primarily affect the following Federal land management agencies in the Department of Agriculture: Forest Service; in the Department of the Interior: National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation; and in the Department of Defense: Army Corps of Engineers.