This table highlights the sections of the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards discussed in the sports facilities guide.


   ADA Standards* ABA Standards 
Definitions  106.5 F106.5 
Area of Sport Activity  106.5 F106.5
Cross Slope 106.5 F106.5
Curb Ramp 106.5 F106.5
Facility 106.5 F106.5
Ground Level Play Component 106.5 F106.5
Ramp 106.5 F106.5
Running Slope 106.5 F106.5
Sport Facilities (where provided)    
Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms 222 F222
Exercise Machines and Equipment 236 F236
Lockers 225.2.1 F225.2.1
Sauna and Steam Rooms 241 F241
Shooting Facilities with Firing Positions 243 F243
Spectator Seating  221  F221
Team/Player Seating Areas F221.2.1.4
Accessible Routes (where required) 206 F206
Animal Containment Areas 201 F201
Area of Sports Activity 201 F201

Bowling Lanes (specific provision)

206.2.11 F206.2.10
Court Sports (specific provision) 206.2.12 F206.2.11
Exercise Machines and Equipment (specific provision)   206.2.13 F206.2.12 
Platform Lift 206.2.11 (new construction use) 206.7.9 F206.7.9
Accessible Routes Components (typically used)    
Curb Ramps 406 406
Doors and Gates 404 404
Ramps 405 405
Walking Surfaces with Running Slopes of 5% or less 403 403
Technical Requirements for Sport Facilities    
Benches (for dressing) 803.4 & 903 803.4 & 903
Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms 803 803
Exercise Machines and Equipment 1004 1004
Sauna and Steam Rooms 612 612
Shooting Facilities with Firing Positions 1010 1010
Other Typical Scoping Requirements at Sport Facilities    
Dining surfaces 226 F226
Drinking Fountains 211 F211
Parking 208 F208
Passenger Loading Zones and Bus Stops 209 F209
Press Boxes 206.2.7 F206.2.7
Service Counters 227.3 F227.3
Signage 216 F216
Toilet and Bathing 213 F213
Vending Machines 228 F228


Animal Containment Area (non-public) 203.12 F203.12
Animal Containment Area (floor and ground surfaces)  302.1 EX 1 302.1 EX 1
Animal Containment Area (change in level) 303.1 EX 1 303.1 EX 1
Area of Sports Activity (floor and ground surfaces) 302.1 EX 2 302.1 EX 2
Area of Sports Activity (changes in level) 303.1 EX 2 303.1 EX 2
Area of Sports Activity (protruding objects) 204 EX 1 F204 EX 1
Employee Work Areas 203.9 no similar exception
Exercise Machines and Equipment  (operable parts) 205.1 EX 8 F205.1 EX 8
Press Box (in bleachers or free standing) 206.2.7 EX 1 & 2 F206.2.7 EX 1 & 2
Raised Refereeing, Judging, and Scoring Areas 203.10 F203.10
Raised Boxing or Wrestling Rings 203.13 F203.13
Team/Player Seating Areas (at bowling lanes) EX F221.2.1.4 EX
Team/Player Seating Areas (lines of sight, etc.) 221.2.3 EX F221.2.3 EX

* The guide uses the term ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) as the basis of the requirements discussed.  The recreational provisions of these guidelines were adopted into the 2010 ADA Standards without changes, so the ADAAG section numbers correspond to the same section numbers in the ADA Standards (as well as the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Standards).