illustration of transfer devices including portable tier, fixed tier, and portable bench

Transfer devices may also be used to provide access onto an amusement ride. A transfer device can be either permanent or temporary and does not require modification to the ride. There are a variety of transfer devices available that could be adapted to provide access onto an amusement ride. Examples of devices that may provide for transfers include, but are not limited to, transfer systems, lifts, mechanized seats, and other custom designed systems.

Operators and designers have flexibility in developing systems that will facilitate individuals to transfer onto amusement rides. These systems or devices should be designed to be reliable and sturdy. A transfer board, provided by the operator, for example, may not be sufficient because it will not provide enough support or stability. However, people using mobility aids may prefer to use their own transfer boards in addition to devices provided by the operator.

Designs that limit the number of transfers required from one’s wheelchair or mobility device to the ride seat are encouraged. When using a transfer device to access an amusement ride, the least amount of transfers for the least amount of distance is desired.

Clear Floor Space
The load and unload areas adjacent to transfer devices must have a clear space of 30 by 48 inches minimum. Designers may decide which location is best suited for transfer on a particular ride. Because people transfer in different ways, providing additional space both in front of and to side of the ride will increase flexibility and usability for a more diverse population.

Transfer Height
The height of the transfer device must be between 14 and 24 inches above the load and unload area surface. Where possible, designers are encouraged to locate the transfer device seat within 17 to 19 inches above the load and unload surface. If greater distances are required for transfers, extra consideration should be given to providing gripping surfaces, seat paddings, and avoiding sharp or protruding objects in the path of transfer to better facilitate the transfer process. If multiple transfers are necessary to reach the amusement ride seat, it is recommended that each vertical transfer not exceed 8 inches.

Wheelchair Storage Space
People using wheelchairs and mobility devices need to leave their equipment when they transfer onto rides. There must be space in or adjacent to load and unload areas for each ride seat designed for transfer or transfer device. The space must be a minimum of 30 inches by 48 inches. For safety reasons, this space may not overlap any required means of egress or an accessible route. Most designs for load and unload areas will already include enough space. Operators are not required to provide a constructed element or lockers for storage, only a clear space.