11.1 Amendments

The miscellaneous amendments to ADAAG are summarized in Table 11.1. The amendments include a series of exceptions to the general scoping provisions pertaining to recreation facilities. The amendments also move the technical requirements for benches from dressing rooms, and place them in a new section. Finally, the amendments clarify the application of ADAAG to spaces such as locker rooms, saunas, and steam rooms.

Table 11.1 - Miscellaneous Amendments

Section Requirement

4.1.1 Application

General Exceptions

Accessibility is not required to or in raised structures used solely for refereeing, judging, or scoring sport; water slides; animal containment areas not for public use; or raised boxing or wrestling rings.

4.1.2 Accessible Sites and Exterior Facilities:

New Construction

4.1.3 Accessible Buildings: New Construction

Court Sports

Area of Sport Activity

Animal Containment Areas

Team or Player Seating Areas


Exercise Machines

Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Accessible route must directly connect both sides of court.

Protruding objects and ground and floor surface provisions do not apply within area of sport activity.

Animal containment areas designed and constructed for public use are not required to provide stable, firm, and slip resistant ground or floor surfaces or to comply with change in level provisions.

Lifts permitted to provide access to team or player seating areas serving an area of sport activity. Team or player seating areas with fixed seats must contain number of wheelchair spaces required by 4.1.3(19)(a) and spaces must comply with 4.33. Choice of admission price and comparable sight lines provisions do not apply. Requirements do not apply to team or player seating areas serving bowling lanes not required to be accessible.

Where lockers are provided in accessible spaces, at least 5% of each type of locker must comply with 4.25.

Controls and operating mechanisms provisions do not apply to exercise equipment.

Dressing, fitting, and locker rooms must comply with 4.35. Where provided in a cluster, at least 5% of rooms for each type of use in each cluster must comply with 4.35.

Saunas and steam rooms must comply with 4.36. Where provided in a cluster, at least 5% of rooms for each type of use in each cluster must comply with 4.36.

4.35 Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms


Bench complying with 4.37 must be provided within room.

4.36 Saunas and Steam Rooms

Maneuvering Space


Door Swing

Maneuvering space complying with 4.2.3 must be provided within room. Readily removable seats permitted to obstruct the space.

Where seating is provided, at least one bench complying with 4.37 must be provided.

Doors prohibited from swinging into any part of the clear floor or ground space required at a bench complying with 4.37.

4.37 Benches

Clear Floor or Ground Space


Back Support

Seat Height

Structural Strength

Wet Locations

Clear floor or ground space complying with 4.2.4 must be provided and positioned for parallel approach to short end of bench seat.

Benches must be fixed and have seats 20 inches minimum to 24 inches maximum depth, and 42 inches minimum length.

Benches must have back support 42 inches minimum length extending 2 inches maximum above seat to a point 18 inches minimum above seat.

Bench seats must be 17 inches minimum to 19 inches maximum above floor or ground.

Allowable stresses must not be exceeded for materials used when vertical or horizontal force of 250 lbs. is applied at any point on seat, fastener, mounting device, or supporting structure.

Bench surfaces installed in wet locations must be slip resistant and not accumulate water.