Section 510 of the Rehabilitation Act requires the Access Board, in consultation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health and Human Services, to issue standards that set forth minimum technical criteria for “medical diagnostic equipment used in (or in conjunction with) physician’s offices, clinics, emergency rooms, hospitals, and other medical settings. The standards shall ensure that such equipment is accessible to, and usable by, individuals with accessibility needs, and shall allow independent entry to, use of, and exit from the equipment by such individuals to the maximum extent possible.”2 However, as noted earlier, Section 510 of the Rehabilitation Act does not grant the Access Board implementation or enforcement authority, nor does it authorize the Board to develop scoping or application requirements. The Access Board’s statutory authority is limited to developing minimum technical criteria. As a result, the Access Board’s MDE Standards are not binding unless and until adopted by other federal agencies as mandatory accessibility requirements for entities subject to their jurisdiction.