A stakeholder working group organized by the Board has prepared best practices on providing access to prescription drug container labels for people who are blind or visually impaired or who are elderly. This information is advisory only, not mandatory.  It was developed under the “Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act" which directed the Board to organize the working group.

Next Steps

Additional action will be undertaken by other agencies as directed by the Act:

  • The National Council on Disability will conduct an informational and educational campaign in cooperation with the stakeholder working group to inform the public, including people with disabilities and pharmacists, of the best practices.
  • The Comptroller General will undertake a review at a later date to assess the extent to which pharmacies are following the best practices and to what extent barriers to information on prescription drug container labels remain.

Stakeholder Working Group Recommendations and Related Information


  • July 9, 2012 - President Obama signs into law the “Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act"
  • October 31, 2012 - Board organizes Working Group on Accessible Prescription Drug Container Labels
  • July 10, 2013 - Working group submits its recommended best practices to the Board