ADA -- Americans with Disabilities Act
ADAAG -- Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
ANSI -- American National Standards Institute
CPE -- Customer Premises Equipment
DOC -- Declaration of Conformity
EIA -- Electronic Industries Association
FCC -- Federal Communication Commission
HAC -- Hearing Aid Compatibility Act
HTTP -- Hyper Text Transport Protocol (part of an internet web address)
IEEE -- Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
ISO -- International Organization for Standardization
IrDA -- Infra Red Data Association
ITU -- International Telecommunications Union
NARTE -- National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers
QWERTY -- The standard alpha-numeric keyboard. Name is taken from the letters on the top row of the keys.
RERC -- Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers
RESNA -- Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
RF -- radio frequency
TAAC -- Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee
TIA -- Telecommunications Industry Association
TRS -- Telephone Relay Service
TTY -- Text Telephone
U.S.C.-- United States Code