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Insofar as the final report includes an attachment with non-consensus.

Mark Weiss (MHARR)


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While we do agree that the report should go forward, we would like to clarify that with respect to the Addendum, specifically the third item addressing Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), we do not agree entirely with the statement “…the committee urges the US Access Board respond to concerns regarding IEQ, possibly by developing an action plan and working proactively with other federal agencies and private sector groups to resolve concerns raised by the disability community and others.”

Our concern is that that statement implies that the issue has been thoroughly considered by the committee, that potential problems have been adequately and appropriately defined, and that action based upon those determinations is needed to resolve them, none of which is correct.

We do agree with the Committee’s underlying intent for the US Access Board to consider addressing the issue of IEQ if they so choose, but we believe that for the reasons stated in the Addendum with respect to IEQ, the committee’s statement should clarify that much more research is needed before effective actions to resolve any potential problems can be developed.

Jeff Inks (MHI)



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Ryan Buras

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Deborah Cotter National Council on Independent Living

William Garpow

Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association

Cheryl D. Kent

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Mary Lamielle National Center for Environmental Health Strategies, Inc.
Dov Lutzker U.S. Department of Justice
Dominic Marinelli United Spinal Association
Kent Perkins Recreation Vehicle Industry Association
Robert Solomon National Fire Protection Association
Mary Troupe Council of Citizens with Disabilities
Charles Tubre

The Advocacy Center







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