The current ADA standards are based on the updated ADA Accessibility Guidelines (2004), which the Board issued jointly with the ABA Accessibility Guidelines for federally funded facilities.  The updated ADA and ABA guidelines, which were proposed for public comment in 1999, are based on recommendations from the Board's ADAAG Review Advisory Committee.  This committee reviewed ADAAG in its entirety and recommended updates to the Board.  It consisted of 22 members representing the design and construction industry, the building code community, state and local government entities, and people with disabilities.

In 2014, the Board issued a supplement to the ADA and ABA guidelines that provides requirements for temporary housing provided in disasters and emergencies.  These provisions are not yet part of the ADA Standards.

The original ADAAG was published in 1991 and was later supplemented to address state and local government facilities (1998), children's environments (1998), play areas (2000), and recreation facilities (2002).  These later supplements are incorporated into both the updated ADA-ABA guidelines and the current standards.  

Updated ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines and Related Information


Original ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)