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September 30, 1996


This report represents the final recommendations of the ADAAG Review Advisory Committee  to the US Access Board for revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility  Guidelines (ADAAG). This final report is presented in the form of a new set of  guidelines.

NOTE: This report is a set of recommendations from the Advisory Committee to the  US Access Board. Any proposed revisions to ADAAG will be made through the federal  rulemaking process. This report is not part of any rulemaking.


In addition to the scoping and technical provisions presented in this report, the  Advisory Committee also recommends a new format for the next edition of ADAAG.  Recommendations regarding dimensions, defined terms, language style, and numbering are  already incorporated in the report; they are specified here for use by the Access Board.  This report does not incorporate the Committee recommendations for layout; figures and  commentary were not fully addressed by the Committee. Recommendations for layout, figures  and commentary are for use by the Access Board in developing the next final ADAAG.