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Online Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Complaint Form


The Access Board enforces accessibility standards issued under the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968 (ABA). The ABA requires that buildings or facilities that were constructed or altered by or on behalf of the United States, or leased or financed in whole or in part by the United States, after August 12, 1968, be accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. Anyone can submit an ABA complaint.

Filing a Complaint

You may file an ABA complaint with the Access Board using our Online ABA Complaint Form or by e-mail, fax, or mail (please see the contact information below). Please note that while there is no limit on the number of complaints that you can file, you must submit a separate complaint for each building or facility where you encountered accessibility barriers.

Instructions for the Online ABA Complaint Form

The Online ABA Complaint Form consists of five sections: (1) Building or Facility Information; (2) Accessibility Barriers; (3) Complainant Information; (4) Attachments; and (5) Submit. Please note that

Section 1: Building or Facility Information. Provide information about the building or facility where you encountered accessibility barriers. (This information is required.)

Section 2: Accessibility Barriers. Using the provided text box(es), describe all of the accessibility barriers you encountered at that building or facility. (This information is required.)

Section 3: Complainant Information. If you wish, provide your name and/or contact information. (This information is optional.) If you do provide your contact information, we will be able to communicate with you about our investigation. Pursuant to our regulations, we will not disclose your name and/or contact information to anyone without your express written permission.

Section 4: Attachments. If you have documents, photographs, or other electronic files that may aid us in our investigation, you will have the opportunity to upload those attachments by selecting them from your computer’s file browser. (This information is optional.)

Section 5: Submit. The “Submit My Complaint” button will be enabled when all required fields in the form have been completed. Please select “Submit My Complaint” only once.

Note: Following the successful submission of your complaint, a confirmation page will appear and show an automatically generated complaint number. If you provided your e-mail address in the complaint form, you will also receive an automatically generated e-mail confirming the successful complaint submission; that e-mail will also include your complaint number. Later, if you wish to inquire as to the status of your complaint or provide additional information, e-mail us at and include the complaint number in the subject line. Finally, note that no “save” function is available for the form and that you must complete it in one sitting.

Click here to access the Online ABA Complaint Form

Alternate ABA Complaint Filing Methods

  1. E-mail to;
  2. Fax to (202) 272-0081; or
  3. Mail to:

    Compliance and Enforcement Section
    Office of the General Counsel
    U.S. Access Board
    1331 F Street NW, Suite 1000
    Washington, DC  20004-1111

Note: If you file your complaint using one of the alternate methods, you must include the name and address of the building or facility in question, as well as a description of each accessibility barrier you encountered. Also note that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, if you file by mail or fax it may take longer than usual for us to process your complaint.

How We Handle Your Complaint

Within two weeks after filing a complaint, you will receive a formal acknowledgement letter if you provided your contact information to us. This acknowledgment letter will contain the information about your complaint, as well as the investigation process and applicable federal law, and contact information for the compliance specialist investigating your complaint.

We investigate the complaints to determine whether the building or facility is subject to the ABA. If we determine the building or facility is subject to the ABA, we further investigate to determine if the identified barriers violate an applicable standard. Depending on the result of our investigation, we work with the responsible agency to remedy the identified accessibility barriers or, if we find no violations under the ABA, we will provide you with suggestions on which other entities might be able to assist you.

Statement Concerning the Paperwork Reduction Act

Pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, and its implementing regulations at 5 CFR 1320.8(b)(3), note that the United States Access Board may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB Control Number. The Online ABA Complaint Form has OMB Control Number 3014-0012 (Expiration Date: 9/30/2023).