Rail Vehicles Access Advisory Committee

train icon The Rail Vehicles Access Advisory Committee (RVAAC), which the Board organized in 2013, will develop consensus recommendations for the Board’s use in updating sections of the guidelines that cover vehicles of fixed guideway systems, including rapid, light, commuter, intercity, and high speed rail.  Archived committee materials and unedited meeting captioning text (CART output) are available on Regulations.gov at docket ATBCB-2013-0006.


RVAAC Meetings and Subcommittee Conference Calls

Dial-up and real-time captioning (CART) information are posted as they become available.

Next Subcommittee Meeting:
    Communications Subcommittee
    November 6, 1:00-3:00 (ET)
    Dial:  (888) 396-7314     [Toll number:  (773) 756-0935]
    Passcode:  8020595
    CART:  www.streamtext.net/player?event=ACCESSBOARD110614

Upcoming Subcommittee Meetings:
    Communications Subcommittee: Dec. 4, Jan. 8
    Onboard Circulation and Seating Subcommittee: Nov. 12, Dec. 10, Jan. 14
    Rooms and Spaces Subcommittee: Nov. 20, [no Dec. call], Jan. 22
    Boarding and Alighting Subcommittee: [no Nov. call], Dec. 18, Jan. 29

Upcoming Full Committee Meetings:
    February 26-27, 2015, and April 23-24, 2015