Draft Vessel Case Studies

To help identify the cost impacts of the potential vessel guidelines, 10 vessel case studies were conducted.  The case studies provided below reflect the provisions in the 2008 draft.  As no operator of a large cruise ship was willing to participate in a study, only one (small) cruise ship study was conducted.  Similarly, a case study of an off-shore excursion vessel (carrying more than 150 passengers) was sought, but no operator was willing to participate.  Plans for a study of a gaming vessel were cancelled after the American Gaming Association indicated that such a study was no longer needed.  Likewise, a study of a tender (carrying 60 or more passengers) was not undertaken as the International Council of Cruise Lines (now part of Cruise Lines International Association) indicated that such a study was not necessary.  Lastly, a study of a high speed vehicle ferry was cancelled as the general impacts are believed to be caught in the study of the 450 passenger high speed ferry.

For the 399 passenger traditional passenger ferry, there was no ownership involvement in developing the final draft report.  For the 600 passenger dinner vessel, there was no ownership involvement in the case study.