Summary of Changes. Changes made in this revised draft from the 2004 draft include:

  • adding advisory notes (most advisory notes are similar to those found in ADAAG);
  • adding definitions for tenders and ferries in V106.5;
  • applying in V201.1 the access provisions to certain tenders which carry 60 or more passengers and all ferries regardless of size, in addition to all passenger vessels which carry more than 150 passengers or more than 49 overnight passengers;
  • exempting areas used exclusively by employees in V203.2;
  • allowing platform lifts to be used in accessing tender loading platforms in V206.7;
  • adding an exception regarding onboard accessible routes connecting entry and departure points in V206.4;
  • requiring emergency alarms provided to alert passengers to comply with principles of best practice in V215;
  • removing references to detention facilities;
  • simplifying the swimming pool access provisions in V234;
  • adding a fourth exception which allows ¾ inch high vertical surfaces on the exterior side of certain weathertight doors in V404.2.5;
  • clarifying the accessible means of escape provisions in V410;
  • allowing manually powered boarding lifts to be used as a component in providing a complying passenger boarding system in V412;
  • allowing steeper gangways which have a maximum rise of six inches in V413.2;
  • clarifying the rinsing shower provisions in V608;
  • removing the requirement from V1005.2 that pool lifts be located where the water depth is less than 48 inches; and,
  • adding specific tender technical provisions in a new chapter 11.

Summary of Issues under Review. Issues that are still being evaluated by the Board include:

  • access to passenger amenities (V201.4);
  • accessible routes on vehicle decks of small ferries (V206.2.2);
  • passenger vessel boarding system components (V208);
  • wheelchair space dispersion in large assembly areas (V221);
  • guestroom scoping and technical provisions (V224);
  • weathertight door thresholds and coaming configurations (V404.2.5); and
  • elevator car sizes (V407).

Summary of Questions. A number of sections contain questions for which the Board is seeking public comment:

  • alterations (V202.3, Question 1)
  • operable part scoping for slot machines (V205, Question 2);
  • entry and departure points (V206.4, Question 3)
  • application of V410.3 to all elevators (V207, Question 4);
  • public seating areas (V221, Question 5);
  • width of sliding door tracks (V302.3, Question 6);
  • gangway surfaces (V413.4, Question 7); and
  • vessel case studies (see Vessel Case Studies section below, Questions 8 and 9).